Turn Your Firms Website Into A Business Advisory Platform

The All In One Strategic Planning And Execution App

Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Help your clients identify the right KPIs to drive their strategic results. Cascade the business goals through the organisation into individual KPIs which are reported daily, weekly or monthly. Encourage your client to increase employee engagement and accountability by everyone having a number.

Use thresholds to drive performance

Enable your clients to set performance thresholds using the red, amber and green traffic light system. Help your client set the targets to drive employee engagement and develop a winning culture.

KPI analytics for greater insights

Use a choice of line, bar and pie charts to make sense of your client’s data. This will enable your clients to see trends in performance and help with business decisions.

Choose what KPIs to display

Your clients can choose which KPIs to share across individual dashboards. This allows everyone in the organisation to see the performance of individuals and teams across the business.