Turn Your Firms Website Into A Business Advisory Platform

The All In One Strategic Planning And Execution App

Develop the strategy

Once the client is clear on their business model you can help them develop their strategy. This start by helping business owners find their Core Purpose and Values, developing an effective Positioning Strategy and deciding on long term vision for the business.

Create the big picture

The One Page Strategy enables your clients to see their business plan on one piece of paper. As well as the key elements of their business model they can record the competition, funding needs, sales and marketing activities with details of the team, key strategic project and partners.

Share and engage employees

Only 14% of employees have a good understanding of their company’s strategy and direction. Encouraging your clients to share their the one page plan with employees is the start of helping them close what Stephen Covey calls the execution gap.

Publish and pitch

Your clients can publish their One Page Plan to a secret page on your Website and send to their bank manager or potential investors.