Turn Your Firms Website Into A Business Advisory Platform

The All In One Strategic Planning And Execution App

Use and develop templates

Jump start your client’s planning by providing them with a step-by-step template where they fill in the blanks, rather than letting them default to using Word or Google Docs. With your solution your clients can create a professionally formatted business plan which can be downloaded as a PDF.

Engage and collaborate

Enable and encourage your clients to share the workload of producing plan by collaborating with employees and marketing agencies. You can provide feedback with comments inside the business plan itself.

Link financials to the narrative

Having a detailed business plan with all elements of the plan thought through enables you to build realistic financial model. Use this as the basis to help clients understand their funding needs and then advise on the most appropriate funding plan.

Choose who sees the plan

Let your client’s decide who sees and can work on the plan with unlimited contributors.